2021 Flex NBA Basketball First Mint 2-Player Starter Set

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2021 Flex NBA Basketball First Mint 2-Player Starter Set

The world's first Trading Tile Game (TTG) and AR board game that brings pro sports to life.

Introducing Flex NBA, the world's first board game that fuses professional sports with the latest gaming technology. Watch NBA heroes come to life right in front of you, and create your own lineup of Rising stars, MVPs, All-Stars, and More. Flex your player's superpowers and use special FX Tiles that evolve them into mega-powers. Its's time to smash every opponent.

FLEX NBA is the tile trading board game that lets you assemble a team of your favorite NBA players and put their (and your) skills to the test in breathtaking augmented reality (AR)! The Starter Kit gives you everything you need to play with 2 players, no additional items are required to get in the game.

Starter Kit Includes:
-10 "First Mint" Player Tiles (Flexagons)
-4 FX Tiles
-1 Play Action Die
-1 Ball Die
-2 Game Boards
-Damage Tokens
-Status Effects Tokens

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