Breaking Info & Rules

Case/Box Breaking

Case/Box Breaking is a new and innovative way to collect your favorite teams or players without having to purchase a whole box or case of cards. Check out this short video below to learn more.


Box/Case Breaking

A box/case break is when an organization (like Badger Breaks) open a case or box for a group or individuals. The breaks are done via live broadcast on any live stream platform.

Everyone involved has the opportunity to see the whole case or box and share the excitement and fun with everyone! This type of service is a more affordable way to get high dollar cards without having to spend big money.

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Break Rules

All breaks will be sorted to the checklists at Mixers or buybacks with multiple products will go by team on the card. If no team on the card, it will go to the current team or longest tenured.

If there is an error on the checklist or a product does not have a checklist it will be adjusted to the correct team or player (this is very rare).

  • No Team: If a card has no team, it will be random to the break.
  • College / High School Uniform: Those cards will go to the team listed on the card or current team. If no one those apply it will go to longest tenured. Unless noted otherwise.
  • Retired Players: Goes to the team that is on the card. If no team on the card it will go to longest tenured. Example: Earl Campbell is retired and he played for the Oilers which is the Titans franchise. He would then go to the Titans. 
  • Point Cards: will be randomized to the break list. Means more teams you have the better chance you will have at getting points if pulled.
  • Multi-Player/Team Cards: We randomize these cards to the appropriate owners of the players/teams on the card. WE DO MAJORITY OF CARD RULES. If a person owns more than 50% of the card (2 out of 3 teams or 3 out of 5 teams), they win the card by majority. If not, we will randomize the card.
  • Full Spots: All full spots from the website will go on lists first. Filler spots will go in last on the list.
  • No Random Spots: You have to pick numbers when claiming spots or comment how many (Facebook).
  • List Names: If list names are wrong when video is ran. The spot number will win. NO VIDEO RE DO. If a list is missing spots for instance, we will run a 100 list and it's only 99 spots. That will result in a rerun since it's not the full 100 spots. 
  • Serial # Breaks: All 1/1's that are redemption's go to the 1 spot. 10 spot serial # breaks where a redemption is pulled that is not a 1/1 but #'ed under 10 it will random between the numbers where the card could go. Example a card /5 will only random to the 1-5 numbers. 
  • Dice Roll: 4 or Higher

    Miscellaneous Rules

    • Payment: You must pay as you claim when taking a team or spot, or you risk not having your team. Comment paid to confirm your team or spots. If your spot is not paid for after the break or filler is full you risk your spot being pulled.
    • Break Selecting: When you select your team or spot in any break select your spot or team in the comments. Taking a spot or team in reply might not get noticed and you risk not getting your spots or team. 
    • Spots: If you have a spot to pick and it holds up a list or break, your spot will be filled in the next available spot. 
    • Mini: If a break doesn't fill and has mini's that have been completed. Only refunds will go to the winners of the mini since they won an item with monetary value. 
    • Bonus Or "Skunk": No hit bonus or "skunk" bonus will be determined by myself or a staff member after we sort the break.
    • Pack Wars - Lowest Serial # to the left of the / wins whole box if tie lowest number to the right of the / wins. IF tie to the right then it will go to random.