• We manage all aspects of the listing process on ebay.
  • Want to get maximum return with minimum effort?
  • Too busy with life? Want it gone? Let us do the work!


  • Fill out our form, tell us who you are in your mail in package or simply stop into our shop.
  • Get paid based on our pay table every Wednesday.

***If you request rewards instead of cash payout you will receive 3% back!

Process & Requirements
  1. To list a card from a break please have this form accurately filled out. 
  2. Items from breaks will typically be listed same day or within a couple days. Mail ins or lots will be listed within a week. Lots over 50 we will contact and give you an estimated date. 
  3. Payouts will be determined based on our rate table with paypal,venmo or cashapp.
  4. Payouts are based on INDIVIDUAL card sales prices and are applied to each individual item not the total sales.
  5. All Cards sold under $9.99 are subject to a $0.99 listing fee
  6. Every item will be listed at auction starting at .99. Any item that goes without a bid will be subject to a $2 unsold fee and the item will be kept in house.
  7. List your payout options on the form or contact us via messenger or email.
  8. If you request rewards instead of cash payout you will receive 3% back!
  9. All Payouts will be made on Wednesday and our team will contact you regarding your payout
  10. We keep a spreadsheet that tracks all of your items, including final sale amount and corresponding payout. The spreadsheet is available up request. 

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  1. Zero Tolerance for shill bidding. If you are caught doing this we will no longer accept your cards. 
  2. If a card goes unpaid it will be relisted 1-2 weeks after initial sale ended.
  3. If there are any returned cards from damage you may owe us the difference in value.
  4. No altered cards in any way shape or form. 
  5. All graded cards accepted. Raw cards must be in near mint or mint condition.
- Our consignment service is handled by Badger Consignment on Facebook or email They are available to address any questions or concerns you may have. We ask that you allow for a processing time for payouts before reaching out.


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Mailing Address:

Badger Sports Shop 
ATTN: Consignment
336 2nd Avenue South 
Onalaska WI 54650