Badger Breaks Will Sell your cards for you!


  • Badger Breaks will manage all aspects of the listing process on eBay, including customer inquiries and concerns related to your card listing.
  • In the event of a return, our team will handle the entire process.
  • As a result of our strong presence on eBay, listing your card with Badger Breaks can result in a higher level of exposure, resulting in more views and bids for your card.
  • We've listed thousands of cards and breaks on eBay throughout the years so we know what we are doing!
  • You can use the money on breaks! 

Process and Requirements

  • To list a card on eBay, it is important to contact Tyler or Kyle immediately through a private message. If the card break has already been organized and sent out, it may be too late to make a listing. It is recommended to send the message on the same day or night.
  • The minimum value for each card must be at least $10.
  • A flat fee of 20% will be applied to the final sale value of any item sold under $2000. For items sold above $2000, the flat fee will be 15%. This fee includes costs associated with eBay fees, PayPal fees, shipping, and consignment fees.
  • Items will typically be listed within one or two days of receiving your message as 7-day auctions, unless you request otherwise. Most cards will be listed on the same day as notification, unless it is late at night and past the optimal end time for listings.
  • Anything other than a 7-day auction pricing is subject to change depending on card value.
  • The shipping fee for every item is $4, which is included in the flat fee. Any larger cards or items that require higher shipping or insurance costs is subject to change.
  • Cards or items that do not sell will not be relisted and will be sent to you as part of your next shipment.
  • If the winner of your listing fails to pay or requests a cancellation, we will relist your card and inform you that your payout will be delayed as a result.

eBay Listing Payouts

Payouts will be given as break credit unless you request a PayPal payout of your balance. Payments will typically be processed within 1-2 business days after your listings have been paid for.

Tyler handles all payouts on Tuesdays and will contact you regarding your payout.

Card Sales and Payout Tracking 

We maintain a current spreadsheet that tracks all customer's cards, including the final sale amount and the corresponding payout for each customer. This information is available for review upon request.

Zero Tolerance For Shill Bidding

We have a strict policy against shill bidding, which is the practice of bidding on your own items to artificially inflate the final sale price. If caught engaging in shill bidding, we will no longer sell your cards on eBay.


Our consignment service is handled by Tyler, and he is available to address any questions or concerns you may have. We ask that you allow for a processing time of 1-2 business days for payouts before reaching out. Additionally, Kyle is also available to assist with any inquiries you may have.