Superbowl Squares #1 - 2022 Panini Spectra Football Hobby 2 Box Break #1 - Random Serial Number

Badger Breaks

100 Total Spots - Random Serial Number Break

Every spot will get 1 Serial # 1-99 (R & NO # will be the 100th spot)

Every spot will also get placed on to a Superbowl Square Board. We will randomize all 100 spots and we will place every Name onto the board in order 1-100. We will then randomize a 0-9 list for Bengals and 0-9 list for Rams. We will then place those randomized lists into the Square board from left to the right on the top and top to the bottom on the left side.

This will determine which numbers you have the Superbowl. At the end of each quarter whatever the score is determines who wins the prize for that quarter! For example if its 7-7, who ever owns the 7 spot for the Rams and 7 spot for the Bengals win the prize for that quarter. Prizes for each quarter are below! 

1st Quarter - $200 Badger Bucks

2nd Quarter - $225 Badger Bucks

3rd Quarter - $200 Badger Bucks

4th Quarter/Overtime - $275 Badger Bucks

*If the game goes to Overtime 4th quarter is not paid out as Overtime is considered an extension of the 4th quarter

If you are new to squares please send Tyler any questions and he can answer your questions.  

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