MONEY MAGNU$ BRIEFCA$E Series 1 Football #6 - Random Teams - LAST ONE!!

Badger Sports Shop

32 Total Spots - ALL TEAMS IN 

Each Briefcase contains on average: 

1 Premium Hobby Box 

2 Slabs or Encased cards

1 Golden Ticket


NEW - GOLDEN TICKETS - Each case has 1 Golden Ticket. After the break we will randomize the list and the top spot wins the Golden Ticket. Once all 6 breaks have been broken we will go live for the Golden Ticket event. There is 6 items so ALL Golden Ticket winners will receive an item! The top valued prize is a 2020 Optic Joe Burrow Auto /150 PSA 10! (over $3,500 in value) The other items will remain a mystery until the event. 

Golden Ticket Event - Each Golden Ticket will have a # on it. That # will be the # in which you get to select your Golden Ticket item during the live event. Each item will be in a box. Once all 6 boxes have been chosen we will open each box in order of being selected to see what everyone wins. 





Type: Unknown Type